The BOX Short Fiction Films


“Amina, the middle-aged wife of Manda, a terminally ill man has returned to take care of her husband in his last days after 5 years of separation. She bathes him, cooks for him, but he is distant.
A knock on the door jolts Amina out of her reverie one day and she is shocked to find Ciku, Manda’s younger ex-girlfriend standing by the door. Ciku barges in and heads straight for Manda. Ciku proceeds to offer Manda an experimental medication. The two women get into an argument with Amina stopping Ciku. who Ciku pleads with Manda to let her help him, but he does not want to take more medication.
Amina is now stuck between the possibility of reconciling with Manda or risk allowing Ciku to save him and rekindle their relationship.”


“In the outskirts of Nairobi, Baba, a six-year-old boy with the unique gift of teleportation struggles to understand people and the world around him – including his cousin Kevin, who is frequently tasked with looking after him, and even shares a room with him. Buoyed by childish optimism and an extraordinary imagination, he bounces between his harsh reality and the peaceful solitude that his magical gift brings, as he learns to protect his childhood and innocence.”


In the middle of a terrorist attack, a violent extremist and a young boy find an odd connection. Ordered to ‘clear’ the floor, Mwale, a young terrorist, struggles to fulfil his duty in a terrorist attack at a mall. When he comes across a young boy, Benji, and his mother, he is meant to kill …

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The Morning After

A twenty-one-year-old promiscuous boy goes through the longest morning of his life after he discovers that his staunch Christian mother has washed the clothes of a girl, he sneaked home for a one-night stand.


A strong willed girl decides to rescue her mother from a greedy and gluttonous pastor, but her mother wants to stay in the church which is starving her to death.

Love Sweet Sound

Keya is a young woman who is in denial of her blindness. She is forced to venture out into the outside world where she bumps into Anthony, a reclusive, struggling man. They embark on a journey to resolve their scars, handicaps and shortcomings.

Joy’s Garden

A little girl sets out to keep her seedlings alive after both are uprooted from their home. Her estranged father, a confirmed bachelor, is not the obvious choice for a caregiver, but neither of them has any choice about that.


In the near future, a depressed man with a learning disability resides in a community care home and uses a talking operating system designed to improve his IQ to find love.


Saru arrives home after a long day at work. She finds a mysterious package at her door. She takes it in and discovers that it is a gift from her late husband. It is a doll. As Saru prepares to sleep, she hears sounds in her house. She investigates. She is uneasy, then frightened, then …

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