shorts, shorts & shots

What started as a monthly event in March 2018 has since grown into a quarterly event offering 4 themed nights of short films and drinks each year.


The main purpose of our Shorts, Shorts & Shots is to encourage the production of and to celebrate new local short films and the filmmakers at a screening night specially created for them. Our Shorts, Shorts & Shots program shines a much-needed spotlight on local filmmakers and their tireless efforts to tell the stories they want to tell. Catch our next screening by clicking the button below.

short films competition

For those of you with short films in the pipeline, help is on the way! Every few months, we hold short film pitches and put production money on the table to make sure that all those scripts move from the page to the screen!


Shortlisted scripts that make it to the top will be invited to an intense day- long shorts workshop with mentors. The day will end with a pitch – and the winning film team will walk away with up to Ksh 250,000 to produce their short film. In addition, budding filmmakers in need of some help will receive some mentoring and production support from us too. And, of course, we will screen the film at “Shorts, Shorts, Shots” night once it is completed.


We have supported a total of 10 filmmakers, each with a grant of Ksh 250,000 as of March 2020. Stay up to date with our social media pages to hear about our next call for scripts.

Supported films

call for short films

We are always on the lookout for new short films to support. If you have a great new short film, drop us a link, and we will let you know if we can feature your film on a big screen near you! Get in contact with us via the link below.


Send your short films here: