We are committed to supporting independent storytellers on the African continent who describe the world as they see it.


We periodically support the best and brightest film projects that we come across with production funds at various levels.


We periodically support the best and brightest film projects that we come across with production funds at various levels.


Our workshops are curated for the specific needs of the East African film industry and cut across all the components of filmmaking.


We believe that the more documentary films we see, the better we understand the world we live in. We are on a mission to grow film audiences locally – and what great fun it is to do that with an awesome screening open to the general public!

Tabianchi (SOS)

Tabianchi S.O.S! Someni, Oneni, Skizeni.

Tabianchi S.O.S! champions climate-change narratives through the rallying call ‘Someni (read), Oneni (see), Skizeni (listen)’. With a focus on media and online platforms, our mission is to galvanize action and positive contributions to Africa’s climate crisis.

Despite Africa’s minimal global emissions (three percent), its vulnerability to climate change is profound. Our project enhances climate-change communication skills and knowledge, utilizing diverse storytelling formats, media fellowships, short film development, and engagement with stakeholders such as youth and policymakers.

Implemented by Docubox-East African Documentary Film Fund (Docubox-EADFF) and Youth for Sustainable Development Goals (Youth4SDGs), with support from Hivos through the Voices for Just Climate Action (VCA), our goal is to amplify climate voices and foster media, film, and communications engagement.

Follow The Leader

Follow the leader is a project that seeks to support Civic Engagement & Participation, and leadership that is inclusive and representative among the youth, women, minorities, and the marginalized communities in Kenya. 

Therefore, in  December of 2023, we actively sought out:

  • 4 new documentary ideas
  • 3 incomplete films already in production
  • Completed films

The new films and works in progress will receive grants and undergo a training workshop to support the production and completion of the films.

Additionally, all the selected films will have the opportunity to be showcased at impact screenings held in communities and schools nationwide, in a bid to foster inclusive and representative leadership among Kenya’s youth, women, minorities, and marginalized communities.


The MicroDoc Challenge is a collaboration between Docubox, International Documentary Association (IDA), Doc-Society, In-Docs, and Docs Mx.

It aims to spark discussions on democracy through short form content shared through TikTok. From Feb 15 to April 15  join us by sharing videos on what democracy means to you using #MicroDocChallenge #Democracy. 

Tag @docuboxfilms and @docorg and stand a chance to win $250 for up to 20 selected top creators.each. Follow us on social media @mydocubox for updates.

Get Reel

The “Get Reel” project extended an invitation to filmmakers to be part of a commissioned project centered on Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights and Justice (SRHRJ) narratives.

In August 2023, we brought together a diverse group of filmmakers from across East Africa, immersing them in expertise, discussions, and news pertaining to SRHRJ. Docubox facilitated a few days of intensive workshops, allowing these filmmakers to hone their skills and exchange knowledge, stories, and experiences on this subject ahead of setting out to make their films.

The commissioned projects include both fiction and documentary films, each with a target duration of approximately 10 minutes. 

Upon their completion in the third quarter of 2024, these films will form a huge part of an impact campaign aimed at engaging community members and policymakers on the crucial topic.

Film Pro Series

Sound, Cinematography, Script Writing, Advanced Editing, Creative Producing, Colour Grading, Pitching and Screen Writing for the African FILM PROfessional.