Ziwa [2023]


Amina, the middle-aged wife of Manda, a terminally ill man has returned to take care of her husband in his last days after 5 years of separation. She bathes him, cooks for him, but he is distant. A knock on the door jolts Amina out of her reverie one day and she is shocked to find Ciku, Manda’s younger ex-girlfriend standing by the door.

Ciku barges in and heads straight for Manda. Ciku proceeds to offer Manda an experimental medication. The two women get into an argument with Amina stopping Ciku, who Ciku pleads with Manda to let her help him, but he does not want to take more medication. Amina is now stuck between the possibility of reconciling with Manda or risk allowing Ciku to save him and rekindle their relationship.

Samuel Tebandeke
Juliana Kabua