Short documentary

What’s Eating My Mind

After waking up in a psychiatric ward in the US, Noella had to quit film school and return to Kenya. She’d been diagnosed with bipolar, something both her family and herself had no idea how to deal with. She decides to turn the camera on them and herself as they try to navigate this unknown, …

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If Objects Could Speak

“The two filmmakers Elena and Saitabao took a Kenyan artifact out of a German museum, produced a 3D scan and went on a journey back to its roots. The only information about it was that it came to the museum in 1903. Why don’t the museums know more about it?
European museum cellars are full of African artifacts, they are stored, imprisoned, treated with chemicals – a loss of culture. Because each of them has its own story.
This film takes you on a journey to find answers about this old object from the Kikuyu tribe. With a digital art installation in their package, Elena and Saitabao started a new conversation about the issue of colonial belongings, identity, fear and anger in Kenya.
How would the people back home react, and what do they know about this mysterious object?”

Truck Mama

This is an observational film following the story of Evelyn a 35 year old female truck driver fired from her job when she applied for maternity leave. We follow her as she searches for justice in a male dominated world and tries to find another job as a truck driver with a new regional oil transportation company driving across Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda.

Dream Big

“An intimate portrait of a loving family, exploring the relationship between a single mum and her two boys. In a role reversal, the youngest brother, only five years old, looks after his sibling.”

A Land Asleep

“Njuguna moved into the area 11 years ago and is still considered an outsider. He wants to understand why his town is stagnating, so he asks around. Elders tell him what has happened.”

A Walk In The Dark

“A filmmaker by chance comes across a young healer but he won’t talk to him unless he takes part in one of his rituals. Out of curiosity he gives in… after all, what has he got to lose?”

Being A Nakwalele Woman

“Pauline is a first wife and a single mum, juggling several jobs to pay for her children’s education. Meanwhile, the men kill time and drink by the river. Thank goodness she has a faithful goat!”

Utapata Mwingine

After the death of her child in 2014, Vivian Gaiko, a young Kenyan woman, set out on a journey to help other parents struggling with the loss of their own children The film explores the impact of complicated grief on Vivian after her daughter, Princess Amani, died suddenly at just two – weeks old following …

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The Good Child

Ibrah, a young college graduate is under pressure from his mother to get a job and earn a living. Things escalate for the worst at home, forcing him to cave in at a cost that impacts his life forever.

River Of Brown Waters

The ‘RIVER OF BROWN WATERS’ is a story of a river Called Ewaso Ng’iro in Northern Kenya crosscutting through the pastoralist counties of Laikipia,Samburu,Isiolo and Marsabit. It is a lifeline to a huge number of pastoralists and their livelihood. It supports wildlife and the various kinds of lives in its ecosystem. Being a sources of …

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