If Objects Could Speak [2019]


The two filmmakers Elena and Saitabao took a Kenyan artifact out of a German museum, produced a 3D scan and went on a journey back to its roots. The only information about it was that it came to the museum in 1903. Why don’t the museums know more about it? European museum cellars are full of African artifacts, they are stored, imprisoned, treated with chemicals – a loss of culture. Because each of them has its own story.

This film takes you on a journey to find answers about this old object from the Kikuyu tribe. With a digital art installation in their package, Elena and Saitabao started a new conversation about the issue of colonial belongings, identity, fear and anger in Kenya. How would the people back home react, and what do they know about this mysterious object?

Mark Kaiyare & Elena Schilling
Mumo Liku