River Of Brown Waters [2020]


The ‘RIVER OF BROWN WATERS’ is a story of a river Called Ewaso Ng’iro in Northern Kenya crosscutting through the pastoralist counties of Laikipia,Samburu,Isiolo and Marsabit. It is a lifeline to a huge number of pastoralists and their livelihood. It supports wildlife and the various kinds of lives in its ecosystem. Being a sources of life, its life is also facing threats. It is known as one of the permanent rivers in Kenya, now it is seasonal and flowing on the mercy of rains whose patterns are also changing.

If no action is taken one day we will wake up to just a dry river bed and give history of a one mighty river that once existed. The documentary, will tell the river’s life through generations who will tell us its history through voices of heritage among pastoralists, its importance and the threats it is facing.

Laissa Malih