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Finding Sally

Finding Sally tells the incredible story of a 23-year-old woman from an upper-class family who became a communist rebel with the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Party. Idealistic and in love, Sally got caught up in her country’s revolutionary fervor and landed on the military government’s most wanted list. She went underground and her family never saw …

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A powerful woman leads a struggle for narrative and economic justice in Kenya. Wanjugu Kimathi is searching for her father’s remains. Her father, Dedan Kimathi, was the legendary leader of Kenya’s 1950’s Independence Movement, who was executed by the British in 1957, his body secretly dumped, the whereabouts never made public. Along her journey, Wanjugu …

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A strong willed girl decides to rescue her mother from a greedy and gluttonous pastor, but her mother wants to stay in the church which is starving her to death.

Love Sweet Sound

Keya is a young woman who is in denial of her blindness. She is forced to venture out into the outside world where she bumps into Anthony, a reclusive, struggling man. They embark on a journey to resolve their scars, handicaps and shortcomings.


The film is about Lea. She loves her independence and eats life with a big spoon despite having a life-threatening condition. A decision to run a marathon goes horribly wrong forcing her to move back with her parents. She now has to navigate personal relationships and figure out ways to fight for a rural community …

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The story is about Josphat Ras ‘DOGORIZER’ who has made a choice of going to hustle and bustle in the busy Nairobi city where he’s future and life is full of uncertainties contrary to home where he has secure shelter and basic needs. He feels he is not entitled to any land inheritance for his …

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Despite a substantial percentage of children being cared for by guardians and institutions like the government’s free education program. Many, especially ones from unkind slum backgrounds, are left to chance and are exposed to unfavorable conditions that force them to resort to street living. Bagation is a short expository documentary that narrows its focus on …

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