Festival Screenings

Utapata Mwingine

After the death of her child in 2014, Vivian Gaiko, a young Kenyan woman, set out on a journey to help other parents struggling with the loss of their own children The film explores the impact of complicated grief on Vivian after her daughter, Princess Amani, died suddenly at just two – weeks old following …

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The Good Child

Ibrah, a young college graduate is under pressure from his mother to get a job and earn a living. Things escalate for the worst at home, forcing him to cave in at a cost that impacts his life forever.

The Birds and The Bees

A teenage mother struggles with bringing up her infant son while at the same time pursuing her dreams of completing her high school education and joining university and creating a better life for herself and her son.   A junior minister, seeing a gap in the avenues through which the youth in his congregation can …

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Thank You For The Rain

Kisilu, a Kenyan farmer, uses his camera to capture the life of his family, his village and the damages of climate change.


As Kenya’s most notorious activist enters mainstream politics to challenge social injustice, he faces questions on the cost of his sacrifices, past and present, from his family and himself.


Rehema realizes that saving her daughter is not enough there are many other girls who need her help, she decides to help as many children as she can. This story follows Rehema and her mission to save girls from early marriages, her vision is to get the girls an education, so that they can change …

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No Simple Way Home

As South Sudan hangs in the balance of a tenuous peace agreement, my mother, Nyandeng, prepares to become one of our country’s five vice presidents. Her mission is to safeguard her late husband, John Garang’s, vision for our people, our country, and our family. Contacts : ssoko@lbxafrica.com


Daudi, a teenage son to a single mother is driven by hunger, neglect and anger, which lead him into bad company, jail and finally to becoming a jihadist. If his community and neighbours had taken it upon themselves to support him better, would the ending of his story be different?

New Moon

Filmmaker and photographer, Philippa Ndisi-Herrmann embarks on a journey that takes her to the island of Lamu. Her intentions, to make a documentary about the effects on Lamu’s community and environment as it transforms from an obscure, predominantly Muslim Stone town to a huge Port town. A gigantic port project and coal plant are the …

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Joy’s Garden

A little girl sets out to keep her seedlings alive after both are uprooted from their home. Her estranged father, a confirmed bachelor, is not the obvious choice for a caregiver, but neither of them has any choice about that.